Diaper Bag Essentials for Moms of Two

Lauren Kinney

It's better to be over prepared than under prepared. Am I right? I know most moms would agree that they would rather pack everything they own than have that infant blow out in the middle of Target with a hungry screaming toddler and find themselves unprepared for it. I have rounded up some of my must-have diaper bag essentials from my favorite small shops.

1. Diaper Bag - This leather diaper bag from Fawn Design is a total game changer. It is a back pack style which is a necessity with two little kiddos. You can have baby in a carrier or wrap and still be hands free to wrangle older kids. The construction is superb and there is enough space and pockets for everything. 

2. Car Seat and Nursing Cover - Who doesn't love multi function baby products? Milk Snob's covers look so stylish on car seats but I love that I can use it as a nursing cover and still tend to my older daughter without worrying about major side boob.

3. One Piece Change of Clothes - Seriously, don't leave the house without it. I mean it. The one time you do, is the time that precious little baby will completely blow out of their diaper and you'll have an unhappy, naked baby the rest of the day. I always prefer a one piece so I'm not trying to pack entire outfits. L'ovedbaby makes some seriously cute and timeless clothes in colors that I adore.

4. Essential Oil Roller Bottles - Sometimes being out and about with multiple little ones can be overwhelming and we need something to help keep us calm and uplifted. Since happy hour is usually not an option, I turn to essential oils. This Mama Uplift blend is safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding and eases anxiety. I also keep Baby Sleep Tight with me for this times my toddler is refusing a nap or just needs to turn down the crazy.

5. Bags for Organization - I am crazy for these bags from Live Styled! My purse is usually a bottomless pit of stuff but these bags keep everything separated and organized. I can put snacks and toys in the Toddler Things bag and diapers, wipes, diaper disposal bags in the Baby Things bag. No more digging around for minutes searching for what I need!

6. Pacifier Clip - If you baby takes a pacifier, don't wait as long as I did to get a pacifier clip. This adorable one from Getting Sew Crafty doubles as a teething toy (cause let's be honest, they will chew on it whether it's intended for that or not) and it keeps it close so you don't lose the binky along with your sanity.

7. Swaddle Blanket - I keep a muslin blanket in every room of the house, my car and my diaper bag. I use them for everything from swaddling to wiping spit up. Modern Burlap has the best designs and babies love the monochrome patterns.


It's always a good idea to have a snack for yourself, sunglasses to disguise how tired you are, lip balm, more diapers than you think you'll need and diaper disposal bags. Hand sanitizer is also a must!

What are your diaper bag essentials? Anything I'm forgetting?! Check out all of these amazing shops and follow @harperapothecary on instagram for an upcoming giveaway or two!!

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