Hospital Bag Must Haves - plus the extras you didn't know you needed

Lauren Kinney

Your due date is approaching and it's time to pack that hospital bag.  Especially if this is your first baby, it can be overwhelming trying to decide what you absolutely need and what you can live without.  I've polled my mommy friends and put together a master list of 'must haves' plus, a few things you didn't even know you needed!

  • clothes- nursing tanks and a nursing bra, loose fitting pants (maternity yoga pants are ideal), cozy socks, a long jersey t-shirt dress (especially nice if you've had a c-section), a cardigan sweater for going home, extra granny panties
  • robe-  wear it over a nursing tank and you'll feel much more put together than you would in that hospital gown. I love these styles here
  • slippers- and flip flops for the shower might not be a bad idea
  • hair ties- a cute headband and a pair of stud earrings also made me feel like less of a hot mess
  • dry shampoo- as if you didn't love dry shampoo enough as it is, motherhood gives you a whole new level of respect for it!
  • toiletries- toothbrush (buy a cheap one to keep in your hospital bag so you don't have to remember to grab it on your way out the door), toothpaste (same, travel size to have packed), all your Harper Apothecary skin care ;) , comb, shampoo and conditioner, make up (a good bb cream and mascara is all you really need, you'll be glowing without it), lip balm, deodorant (again, travel size is perfect so you don't have to remember at the last minute), body wash (I love our Lavender Solid Cleansing Bar used as a body and face wash. I cut small slices so I can toss whatever I don't use)
  • nipple butter- this one is the best!
  • breast pads- your nipples get very sore those first few days of learning to nurse, so I rubbed nipple butter on the pads for added comfort
  • electronics- camera, phone, laptop or tablet, chargers
  • for dad- couple pairs of comfy pants, t-shirts, a sweatshirt, slippers, his toiletries, pillow, blanket
  • for baby- car seat, 2-3 outfits (gowns are the best! this one is so cute and ties at the bottom), going home outfit, blanket (I wished we had learned to swaddle with a muslin blanket rather than the hospital receiving blankets. we never used them at home and muslin blankets are my favorites for swaddling), mittens! (seriously, you'll thank me), pacifier

I know women were having babies in caves without all this fancy stuff, but I promise the next few items are things you will definitely want in your hospital bag! I didn't have any of this my first time around and I'm glad I know better this time!

  • Freshly Picked Moccasins- with my first, I didn't buy a very 'special' coming home outfit since it was the dead of winter and I was more concerned with her warmth. Well, my second is also due in December and this time, instead of trying to find 'special' fleece pj's (since I don't think those really exist), I got her a pair of Freshly Picked Moccs. These will keep her feet warm and they will be that perfect special coming home piece that I will hopefully pass down to my daughter one day. I chose the gender neutral "Birch" color in the hopes that one day, her own child will wear them home from the hospital (hey, a mom can dream right?!). The quality and style is unbeatable and I can display them in her nursery when she outgrows them!
  • Labor Mama Oil- this essential oil blend is not only calming and relaxing, it is slightly pain relieving and helps facilitate labor. It smells divine and gives your body a natural boost to do what it has been made to do. Mama Uplift is also wonderful for postpartum and Energize Mood Oil will keep dad awake and alert!
  • tennis ball- I would have loved my lower back and shoulders massaged with a tennis ball during labor
  • snacks- I didn't pack any food the first time around since I figured the hospital would have food. Big mistake. They had jello and some very questionable sandwiches. This time around I am going to be packing snacks like Quest Bars, apples with nut butter, bananas and oatmeal cookies.
  • sibling gift- I want our older daughter to come spend as much time with us at the hospital as possible. Since she will be barely two and is constantly busy, we are going to have her little sister give her a bag full of books, coloring books and quiet small toys. I am also making sure to have her overnight bags packed ahead of time so there is no last minute scramble to get her things together before she heads off to grandma's.
  • essential oil diffuser- a small portable oil diffuser will help keep you relaxed and mask that lovely hospital smell.


I hope this list helps! Good luck and congratulations mama!

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