About Us

My name is Lauren and I am a licensed esthetician. For years, I have had access to some of the world's best skin care products. I had tried it all and yet I kept coming back to my homemade products. Nothing made my skin look and feel the way these organic, natural cleansers, toners and serums did. My education focused largely on holistic treatments including herbs and essential oils. I have been able to utilize my education and years of esthetician experience to formulate a skin care line that is as effective as it is healthy.  My passion is to not only make products that work, but to educate customers about WHY they work. Each product is made in my home studio in Bonney Lake, Washington in small batches with the highest quality ingredients.

When I'm not running Harper Apothecary, I am a mama and wife. Penelope Harper is almost two and her baby sister is due in December 2016. My husband is the hardest working man I know and he supports all my crazy ideas. My family is the inspiration behind this brand and the reason I do what I do.